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Gloucestershire businessman refuses to pay council tax

A businessman is refusing to pay his council tax until potholes outside his guesthouse are repaired. Andrew Hinaman says that the holes - on the road near Elmstone Hardwicke in Gloucestershire - are a danger to motorists.


Resurfacing work on Plymouth roads begins

Resurfacing work on Plymouth roads begins Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A major 12 week programme to resurface the roads in Plymouth is underway.

Work will be carried out on 37 roads in the city and will run until mid-September. It's all part of plans to repair areas worst hit by this year's winter storms.

It comes after Plymouth received just over £350,000 from the Government's pothole repair fund last week.


Cameron says pothole repair money is good deal

Thousands of potholes on Westcountry roads will be repaired thanks to £20 million of government funding.

County Councils across the region welcomed the money, but say it still isn't enough to carry out all the repairs needed.

Devon was one of the biggest winners - with nine million pounds allocated to repair its broken roads, many of which were left badly damaged by the winter weather.

Cornwall will receive half that amount - it's to get 4.3 million.

Somerset gets 3.8 million pounds, and Dorset will receive a total of 3 million.

Prime Minister David Cameron told us the extra money represented a good deal for the west country. Richard Lawrence reports.

Nine million pounds to fix Devon's roads

172,000 potholes could be fixed across the county Credit: ITV News West Country

Devon is line to get more than £9 million pounds of funding to fix its damaged roads.

The county has struggled with large numbers of potholes caused by the extreme winter weather.

It's part of a government allocation of £168 million pounds to fix more than three million potholes nationally.

This is exactly what the county will receive Credit: Department for Transport

Cornwall will also get its share of the cash. More than four million will be spent in Cornwall to fix around 81,000 potholes.

This is exactly what the county will receive Credit: Department for Transport

Council pothole funding allocated

Councils must publish monthly updates on how many repairs have been carried out Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Details of how 168 million pounds of pothole funding has been allocated to councils have been released by the government. The money has been divided between 148 authorities to repair around three million potholes by March next year.

Find out whether your council has received any money and how much using this interactive map.

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