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Pranksters re-name Prince's Dorset village

The sign to Poundbury has been replaced with 'Ugly Buildings' Credit: Dorset News Service

Pranksters have altered a road sign to the village of Poundbury in Dorset with one that reads 'Ugly Buildings'. It's thought to have been the work of locals who are unhappy about new buildings added to the villlage on the outskirts of Dorchester.

Poundbury was built by Prince Charles in the 1990s with architecture that harked back to traditional English villlage design. The newer, much bigger buildings have divided local opinion.


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Union representatives give speeches at march

Protesters assemble to hear speeches from Union representatives Credit: ITV News West Country

On Thursday [14th] Dorset County Councillors will be voting on whether to cut a further £11 million pounds from their budget during 2013/14.

The Trades Council has organised a public a march from Poundbury to the new council offices at West Dorset District Council, protesting against the cuts.