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Reaction to the rise in rail fares

Rail passengers across the south west are facing a New Year hike in fares. The average rise is 2.2% while season ticket prices are increasing up to 2.5%.

The rail industry has said that this is the lowest annual rise for five years but campaigners say it is hitting them hard.

Any increase, even an inflation-only increase, just adds that much more pain to passengers. It's that much more money to find and it comes on top - not for the last couple of years but before that - a decade of above-inflation increases, so we're already looking at expensive fares.

– Mike Hewitson, Passenger Focus

We caught up with commuters earlier today.

"Costs you enough already. Costs you a fortune, doesn't it? Wherever you go they're hiking the prices up".

"Trains aren't perfect. There are always problems and they don't seem to be getting much better and seeing much more value for our money."

"My weekly ticket has gone up from £14.70 to £15 - still good value."

– Rail passengers


Rail fare rises hit commuters in the South West

Rail travellers in the South West face fares up an average of 2.2% Credit: PA

Rail commuters in the region face season ticket rises of up to 2.5% from today, with the latest annual increase meaning some fares will have risen well over 20% in the last five years.

The January 2015 increase follows weeks of disruption to rush-hour services with problems for passengers compounded by over-running festive engineering work.

Today's increase sees regulated fares, which include season tickets, going up by up to 2.5%, while the average rise for all fares is 2.2%.

The rail industry has said that this is the lowest annual rise for five years. But campaign groups and trade unions have pointed out that the annual rises in fares have far outstripped the rises in wages and that Britons pay some of the highest rail fares in Europe.

Rail fare hikes come into effect

Tickets are going up by an average of 3.9% Credit: PA

The mid-winter will be bleaker for millions of rail travellers today as inflation-busting fare rises take effect.

Fares are increasing by an average of 3.9%.

The rise follows a miserable few weeks for many commuters in the Westcountry who have had to contend with long delays caused by flooding and signal failures.

Last week, over-running engineering work led to serious over-crowding on some trains.

Rail fares on the rise

Rail tickets are going up by an average of 3.9% Credit: ITV Westcountry

From today rail ticket prices will rise by an average of 3.9%. The increase has been criticised with claims that services haven't got better - but train companies say it is necessary to fund improvements.

Season tickets have been the worst affected with an average rise of 4.2%.