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The Pacific Row in numbers

miles rowed by the crew, more than a third the Earth's circumference
days at sea
The route taken by the crew across the Pacific Credit:
calories burned each day - roughly the same as two marathons every 24 hours
meals each of freeze-dried chicken noodles, curries or spaghetti Bolognese

Women make history as they complete gruelling Pacific Ocean row

A woman from Cornwall has made history after she and three colleagues became the first all-female crew to row the Pacific Ocean.

The girls arrive in Cairns Credit: ITV News

Laura Penhaul from Redruth arrived in Cairns, Australia early this morning after nine months at sea.

The girl's mammoth journey of more than 9,200 miles began in San Francisco last spring. During the gruelling effort the crew sleep for two hours at a time before putting in a two-hour stint on the oars.

The rowers snatch their rest between rowing shifts. Credit: Sarah Moshman
Credit: ITV News

They set off from San Francisco in April. Despite taking three months longer than planned the expedition has set two world records, the women becoming the first all-female team and the first team of four to row the Pacific.

Hugs all round as Laura and her team mates finish their gruelling journey Credit: ITV News
Their route from San Francisco to Cairns.

Schoolchildren scatter poppy seeds in honour of Remembrance Day

Schoolchildren scatter poppy seeds in honour of Remembrance Day Credit: ITV News

Schoolchildren in Redruth have scattered thousands of poppy seeds in a special ceremony in honour of Remembrance Day.

Pupils of from the Trewirgie Infant and Junior Schools scattered seeds in a dedicated flowerbed for each class. Veterans and servicemen from the Royal Navy, British Army and RAF also attended the ceremony.

"It's important because for them it's the first time that they'll have really come across the idea of having something as important as this to remember. And we want to start young, and build up in them that desire to say this is important. Otherwise if we don't then nobody else will."

– Iain Walker, Teacher, Trewirgie Junior Schools

Watch them scatter the poppy seeds below:


CCTV captures image of Landrover, who's driver may be a key witness in murder investigation

Police launch appeal to find the driver of this Landrover in Redruth Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

An police appeal has been launched to find the driver of a Landrover in Redruth as part of their investigation into the death of 20-year-old soldier Dave Curnow.

Police are attempting to identify the driver of a dark Landrover Discovery who drove through Chapel Street, Redruth, between 11.30pm on Saturday 19 September and 3am on Sunday 20 September.

They believe the driver may be a key witness in the investigation.

Two men have been charged with the murder of Dave Curnow following an incident at a nightclub in Redruth. Both remain in custody awaiting trial.

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