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Police at tribunal to challenge 'forced' retirement

Devon and Cornwall Police Federation is going to an industrial tribunal today to challenge the force's policy of compulsory retirement after 30 years' service. The force is one of five being sued.

In total 136 Devon and Cornwall officers have so far retired under the arrangement, some of them well below the national retirement age. They are given a full pension on leaving the force. They claim the policy is unfair, and driven by a need to cut the force's budget.

Police fired up about retirement have claims rejected

Police officers in Devon and Cornwall who say they weren't properly consulted about being forced to retire after 30 years of service have had their claims rejected by a judge.

The Police Federation bought the case after the force used a pensions clause to force some officers to retire. A judge ruled that police officers were not 'workers' under union laws and therefore did not have to be consulted.