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Drivers warned about ice on the roads

Wiltshire Council is advising motorists to take extra care on the roads this morning (19 February) with warnings of ice.

Gritting crews have been out on the roads since 4am, but people should be careful, especially on untreated back routes:


Road markings may be removed to slow drivers down

A study into road behaviour in Wiltshire could help inspire a country-wide removal of white line markings in an attempt to slow drivers down.

The study by Wiltshire County Council between 1997 and 2003 found that not reinstating the centre lines on a number of resurfacing sites led to a reduction in injury, collisions and traffic speeds.

Research has shown motorists drive more slowly on roads without the central white line - cutting average speeds by 13%.

Road markings may be removed to cut speeds Credit: PA

The Times reports that following trials in Wiltshire, London and Derby, pilot schemes have been drawn up in north Norfolk.

In a trial study, TFL found "centre line removal introduces an element of uncertainty which is reflected in lower speeds”.

The study suggeststhe centre line can provide drivers with a sense of confidence that no other drivers will "encroach" on their side of the road, and that some drivers may position themselves right next to the central white line because they believe it to be their right to do so - a practice that can lead to increased risk of collisions.

There is some opposition to the plans however - Paul Watters, head of roads policy at the AA told the Times "a simple pot of paint can save lives".

Supermarket trolley thrown off bridge

Police are appealing for witnesses after a trolley was thrown onto the M4 motorway between junctions 18 and 19 early this morning.

It was on the eastbound carriageway near the Pucklechurch Road overbridge on the B4465 Westerleigh Road.

Two vehicles hit it and were damaged.

This constitutes a serious risk to life and anyone who has information or has seen anything that may be linked is urged to contact police

– PC Mark Lambert, Traffic officer

Wiltshire foots the larges bill for potholes

Potholes cost Wiltshire £120,000 last year Credit: ITV West

According to the RAC, £190,000 was paid out in compensation for damage caused by potholes in the West Country last year.

They say over five hundred motorists made successful claims.

Wiltshire saw the biggest number with 433 claimants, costing the authority more than a £120,000.

We'd like to see more money being put into the road network by central government. This is a vital part of our infrastructure and we need to look after it. After the war there were two million cars on the road, now there are nine million cars. Road capacity hasn't increased anything like that. We need to recognise how busy our roads are and we need to fund them properly.

– Philip Gomm, RAC Spokesperson
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