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Parents of Devon detainees 'encouraged' by support

Ann & Andy Bryan are joined by Sue Turner outside the Shell petrol station in Exeter. Credit: ITV News West Country

Parents of two of the Greenpeace detainees being held in Russia said they felt encouraged by the ongoing support through the world for the Arctic 30.

Ann and Andy Bryan, parents of freelance photographer Kieran Bryan, were joined by Sue Turner, the mother of engineer Iain Rogers, outside a petrol station in Exeter.

Around 80 people joined the protest.

Protests at petrol station for Greenpeace detainees

Demonstrators outside the Shell petrol station in Exeter. Credit: ITV News West Country

Demonstrators have gathered outside a petrol station in Exeter as part of the campaign by Greenpeace to free a group of activists being held in Russia.

They claim Shell is complicit in the detention because it's a partner of the state-backed Russian oil company Gazprom.

Three people from Devon are among 30 awaiting trial following a protest at a drilling rig in the Arctic.


Sir Paul McCartney tweets Russian response

Sir paul McCartney asks Russia to release Greenpeace detainees

Sir Paul McCartney has written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging him to release the Greenpeace detainees, including 3 who are from Devon.

He's asking for them to be freed before Christmas, telling the Russian leader that 'millions of people in dozens of countries would be hugely grateful' if they're released. Kieran Bryan, Alexandra Harris and Iain Rogers are among thirty people being held on hooliganism charges.

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Russia applies to extend detention of Arctic 30

Russian authorities have announced that it will apply for a three-month extension to the detention of the Arctic 30, Greenpeace has said.

They are expected to make the applications in front of a judge at hearings next week.

Greenpeace activists had been protesting against Arctic oil drilling Credit: Greenpeace

Thirty people were arrested aboard the ship that was protesting against oil drilling and charged with piracy in September.

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said: "We will fiercely resist this absurd attempt to keep those men and women in jail for a crime they did not commit.

"If the authorities succeed then we will appeal and ask for their release as soon as the court can schedule a hearing. This is a farce, it is an outrage that makes a joke of justice. It’s time for the Arctic 30 to come home.”

Devon Greenpeace detainees moved to St Petersberg

Musician Damon Albarn and actor Jude Law joined relatives of the detainees at a protest for their release Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Three Greenpeace detainees from the Westcountry are being moved from Murmansk to St Petersburg today.

Kieran Bryan, Alexandra Harris and Ian Rogers are being transported across Russia on a Passenger train. Their families will also travel to London today to meet at the foreign office. All 30 detainees are being charged with hooliganism.


Devon woman in court in Russia over piracy charges

A father from Devon has spoken about his anguish at his daughter being kept in Russia charged with piracy. Cliff Harris said he was praying for a happy outcome, but fearing the worst.

Today Alexandra Harris appeared in court in Russia. She remains in custody. She is one of three people from Devon who were arrested by the Russian authorities after being caught up in a protest by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace protester appeals to PM

Iain Rogers has been charged with piracy following a Greenpeace protest Credit: ITV News West Country

A man from Exeter who is being held in Russia for being part of a Greenpeace protest, has written to David Cameron to ask for help. Iain Rogers who's a maritime engineer is one of 30 people being charged with piracy.

His mother will also visit the Foreign Office in London today to discuss the case.

Devon man: "I'm preparing for a lengthy sentence"

Damon Albarn and Jude Law at a protest outside the Russian Embassy in London earlier this month Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

A video journalist from North Devon says he's preparing himself for a lengthy prison sentence after being detained in Russia. Kieron Bryan has been charged with piracy after being arrested along with activists from Greenpeace.

They'd been staging a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic. Two other people from Devon - Alex Harris and Ian Rogers - are also being held.

In a letter to his family in Shebbear, Mr Bryan wrote: "I'm trying to prepare myself for a lengthy sentence. Everyone says it's very unlikely but all of this feels unlikely. I'll get through this, we all will."

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