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Big rise in animals needing help in Somerset

An animal rescue centre near Bridgwater has said it has been inundated by new residents, who have struggled to survive during the recent hot weather.

More than 270 animals have been taken to Secret World in difficulties from the heat and lack of rain and included whole litters of baby hedgehogs, whose mothers had not been able to find food.

Ruth Wishart reports:

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The badger cub that survived against the odds

Aspen was found on a road in Devon, cuddled up to his dead mother and siblings Credit: Secret World

Aspen is one of seven orphaned badger cubs being cared for at Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre at Highbridge in Somerset.

He is about eight weeks old and was brought in yesterday after being spotted lying beside his dead mother and siblings on a road in Devon.

Another cub was brought in last night - she was found on her own in the road in Cheddar. You can watch the young badgers playing on the charity's webcam.

They generate an awful lot of washing and the Centre is struggling to keep up. You can find out more about its work here.