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Fishermen reel in Britain's largest ever blue shark

The blue shark weighed 256 pounds. Credit: Robin Chapman

A group of fishermen in Cornwall have taken the British catch and release record after reeling in a massive blue shark.

John Dines from Essex caught the animal ten miles off the coast of Penzance.

Mr Dines was helped to bring the shark in by 3 of his friends.

A weight of 256 pounds makes it the largest blue shark ever caught in British waters.

The previous record of 214 pounds has stood since 1959.

After the shark's weight was calculated it was released back into the sea.

Robin Chapman, who was skipper of the boat when Mr Dines caught the shark, took a photo as proof.

He says catch and release is "the way forward in protecting our fishery for many generations to come."

Well done John Dines - cracking achievement mate. Also thanks to the Shark Club for finally moving things in the right direction.

– Robin Chapman


Tom Daley dives in to help sharks

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, there really is a person under there - and yes, it really is Tom Daley!

The Plymouth diving champ transformed himself into the ocean predator ahead of Shark Week at the beginning of August. The striking piece of body art took two specialists four hours to complete, and runs the full length of his body. The Olympic diver’s five-foot-nine frame was covered from head to toe in a water-based paint, with the design created by British body painting artist, Emma Fay.

I’ve always been really fascinated by sharks. They’re incredible marine animals, but not always in the news for the right reasons.

Sharks play a vital role to the health of the ocean. They keep fish populations balanced and protect habitats. Without sharks, the health of the ocean ecosystem would completely change.

– Tom Daley

Tom created a video documenting his whole day.

The athlete teamed up with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to create the shark along the full length of his body.

Sharks’ greatest threats come from humans. Millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins and as commercial fishing bycatch. Ocean pollution and a decrease in food supply also are threatening many species of sharks.

Blue shark spotted by cameraman in Brixham

It's not every day you come across a blue shark while out filming for ITV News West Country Credit: ITV News

Eagle-eyed cameraman Matt Mulcrone spotted a shark-like fish in the background of a shot while interviewing a diver by the breakwater in Brixham.

He thought it was a dogfish. The diver, Ian Russell from Bristol, followed it and was able to pick it up. He identified it as a rare blue shark and told ITV News West Country he was thrilled as he had never seen anything like it in 12 years of diving off the South Devon coast.

He immediately returned it to the water and encouraged it to swim away.

Bristol diver Ian Russell was thrilled by the discovery Credit: ITV News


Devon beach evacuated after shark sighting

Cornwall Wildlife Trust says basking sharks are back in high numbers this year Credit: Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife/PA

Surfers and swimmers were evacuated from a Devon beach after a shark’s fin was spotted in the water.

A member of the public raised the alarm after ­spotting it offshore at Croyde Bay.

RNLI beach lifeguards advised people to leave the water as a precaution as the fin was inside a ‘safe swimming’ zone.

Conservation charity The Shark Trust says it's “highly likely” it was a basking shark.