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Upside down snowman still head over heels after 24 hours

Remember this gem from yesterday?

Lucinda Sowerbutts took this photograph of a snowman doing a handstand, looking over the snowy meadows of Frampton Mansell in Gloucestershire.

Credit: Lucinda Sowerbutts

But how is our gymnastic friend doing a day on?

Well, he's still on his head, though looking a bit more laid back...

The snowman is still defying the laws of gravity - though he seems to have slid over a tad... Credit: Lucinda Sowerbutts

Take a look:

Admiring the sunset... Credit: Lucinda Sowerbutts

'No excuses': Council leader criticises snow school closures

Many schools in the region have reopened after heavy snowfall in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire over the weekend. Credit: PA

The leader of Swindon Borough Council has tweeted his disapproval of the schools that closed in Wiltshire this week after heavy snowfall.

David Renard said that that there were "no excuses" for closures due to staff shortages, as the roads in the town were "perfectly passable".

Around a hundred schools remain closed in Gloucestershire this Tuesday after the coldest night of the year, though more than double that were closed due to snowfall yesterday.


Hundreds of schools across Gloucestershire closed due to heavy snowfall

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice. Credit: ITV West Country

Schools in parts of Gloucestershire are closed for the day following heavy snowfall over the weekend.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice and police are urging drivers to stay off the roads if possible, because of the hazardous conditions.

The full list of school closures can be found on the county council's website here.


Snow showers expected with yellow weather warning

Yellow warning Thursday (12/01)

Devon and Cornwall:

Occasional snow showers which could bring around 2 cm of snow in low level places. 5-10 cm of snow is possible on higher ground (200m+ above sea level).

There is the potential for disruption to transport networks with longer journey times. Icy stretches on untreated roads and pavements are also possible.

Somerset, Bristol, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire:

There's potential for rain to turn rapidly to snow in the cold air. However, there is a great deal of uncertainty over the track and intensity of this weather system, meaning that confidence is low in the amount and extent of any snow.

As skies clear on Thursday night there is also potential for widespread ice to form quite rapidly on untreated surfaces.

Yellow warning Friday (13/01)

Devon, Cornwall and Somerset:

Further showers of snow, sleet and hail will continue across parts of the UK. 2 to 4 cm of snow may affect some lowland areas, while high ground may see locally 5 to 10 cm.

Disruption to transport networks seems likely either due to snow or ice.

Bristol sees snow fall in July despite temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius

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It may not have been a perfect summer but we weren't expecting to see snow in July!

That's why some people in Bristol couldn't believe what they were seeing this morning when they spotted the white stuff outside their windows.

While temperatures in some parts of the city reached twenty degrees an unusual cold snap in Clifton left passers-by completely stunned.

Alex Beresford went to find out what it was all about.

Gritters out on the road in preparation for sleet & snow

Credit: ITV West Country

The region's gritters will be out in force this evening after the Met Office issued a Yellow Warning for ice on the roads.

After a wet day temperatures are forecast to plummet tonight causing ice on the regions roads and pavements.

Credit: ITV West Country

We spoke to Chris Riley, the Manager of Gloucestershire Highways at a gritting depot near Stroud, he warns drivers to 'take extra care' on the roads.

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