Prince Charles visits Glastonbury Abbey

Prince Charles has been visiting Glastonbury Abbey this morning as the first part of his visit to Somerset. Later he will visit Muchelney.

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Watch the latest Westcountry at Westminster Part 1

This month our topics are the huge public sector strike, and more funding for the Somerset Level's flood defences. Also, we start looking at the run-up to next Spring's General Election.

And, following the start of the Tour de France in the UK, we discuss the impact of cycling in the West ahead of this September's Tour of Britain.

Our guests are : Charlotte Leslie, Conservative MP for Bristol North West, keen cyclist Labour's Ben Bradshaw, who's MP for Exeter and Gawain Towler, UKIP's former press manager.

Mr Towler narrowly failed to win a third seat for the party in the South West at the European elections. The West Country at Westminster is hosted by Alastair Stewart.

Shadow Environment Secretary in Somerset today

Shadow Environment Secretary in Somerset today Credit: PA/PA Wire

Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle will be returning to Somerset today to vist areas affected by this year's floods. In February she visited Moorland, Sedgemoor and Bridgwater and met with people who lost their homes.

She also spoke with environmental agencies on the best way to address the flooding.

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Floods farmer praises Prince Charles' intervention

Someset farmer James Winslade who was one of those worst affected by the winter flood on the Somerset Levels today praised the Prince of Wales for raising the profile of the area and highlighting the problems.

He was talking after Prince Charles revisited the village of Muchelney which was cut off for weeks duering the worst of the winter weather. He told ITV News that it was no coincidence that relief work started within days of the Prince visiting in February.


Tessa Munt welcomes child abuse inquiry

Tessa Munt, welcomes the Independent Inquiry Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Tessa Munt, the MP for Wells has welcomed the Home Secretary's announcement of a full Independent Inquiry into allegations of child abuse cover ups at the heart of the establishment

Yesterday she revealed that she had been a victim of child abuse herself. She said:

"As someone who is a survivor of sexual abuse, I’m driven to stand up for those who don’t have a voice. This is just one of several reasons why I wanted to become an MP, because I thought I could make a difference.

My personal history is not what defines me as an individual, but I hope I might be a better MP as a result of my experience."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Cornwall today

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Cornwall today Credit: David Jones / PA Wire

The Deputy Prime Minister will be in Cornwall today to announce details of a two hundred million pound investment scheme in the south west.

It's believed the money from the Growth Deals initiative will spent by local enterprise projects on schemes as diverse as further investment at the new Hinkley Point power station in Somerset and improvements to the A38.

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