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Morrisons announce 'Milk for Farmer's Cheese'

Morrisons have announced their new brand of cheese - after a twenty four hour protest of one of their distribution centres Credit: PA

Morrisons say their new brand of cheese - with more money going to the farmers - will be available from the beginning of October.

"Milk for Farmer's cheese and milk lines", comes after meetings between Farmers for Action and the supermarket following blockades of their distribution centre in Bridgwater.

Morrison's say they're also looking into how they could develop a winter support fund for dairy farmers - another meeting on Friday will determine whether this is possible.

Hoarder won't clear up garden despite 20 years of complaints

Neighbours have been trying to stop Michael Legg's garden hoarding for more than two decades. Credit: ITV West Country

A hoarder, whose garden is overflowing with old windows, doors and stone ornaments, has vowed to continue his reclamation business, despite complaints from his neighbours.

71-year-old Michael Legg says he'll keep salvaging and selling the material from his home in Stoke-sub-Hamdon near Yeovil until "they carry me out in a box".

Neighbours say it's an unsightly mess and they've been trying to get something done about it for decades, with a number of petitions stretching back more than 20 years. They say they are worried about the potential effect it might have on the value of their homes if they wanted to sell.

Michael Legg says he'll keep his business going no matter what. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Legg has, in the past, been served with an enforcement notice and been ordered by the council to clear and restore his garden but that notice was quashed when he appealed against it.

"We are aware of the concerns of local residents and the Parish Council and we will continue to pursue this matter to ensure that this unsightly garden area is tidied up."

– South Somerset District Council

176 jobs at risk as Somerset paper mill faces closure

West Somerset's MP Ian Liddell-Grainger is meeting managers at a giant paper mill at Watchet this morning after it was announced all 176 jobs there could go.

The giant Wansbrough paper mill has been in operation for more than 250 years but new investment is needed and its owners are proposing shutting it down by the end of the year. The mill is the biggest employer in the town and its feared closure will have a devastating impact.


Discarded Glastonbury wellies donated to Calais migrants

These leftover wellies are now helping those camping outside the French port Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA

Hundreds of wellington boots, which were discarded at Glastonbury festival, have been donated to migrants in Calais.

More than 500 pairs of wellies were taken to migrants sleeping in the camp outside the French port after being sized and paired by a team of volunteers. They also distributed 2,000 unused rain ponchos and some first aid kits.

The project was the brain child of Liz Clegg who visited the migrant camp known as the Jungle. She worked closely with Association Salam, who helped hand out the recycled footwear.

Badger cull to be extended to Dorset

The government has announced there is to be a badger cull in Dorset this year. Credit: Ben Birchall / PA Wire

The South West's controversial badger cull is to be extended to Dorset.

Several farmers had applied for a licence to kill the animals, which are thought to infect cattle with bovine TB.

The government says extending the cull is part of a long-term strategy to beat the disease - but protestors argue that existing culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire (which are to be repeated this year) are ineffective and fail to meet their targets.

“England has the highest incidence of TB in Europe and that is why we are taking strong action to deliver our 25-year strategy to eradicate the disease and protect the future of our dairy and beef industries.

“This includes strengthening cattle testing and movement controls, vaccinating badgers in the buffer zone around high-risk areas, and culling badgers where the disease is rife.

“Our approach of dealing with the disease in cattle and wildlife has worked overseas and is supported by leading vets.”


A wildlife charity which is strongly against the cull has recently awarded a grant to a badger vaccination programme in Dorset.

Brian May taking part in an anti-badger-cull protest in Bristol. Credit: PA

Earlier this week an animal welfare charity - founded by Queen guitarist Brian May - threatened legal action if the badger cull goes ahead for a third year.

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No turning back for farmers fighting for their livelihood

Farmers returned with their tractors to blockade the distribution depot near Bridgwater Credit: ITV News

Farmers are again protesting this evening outside the Morrisons Distribution Centre in Bridgwater.

It comes three days after they agreed to suspend action ahead of talks with the supermarket.

Farmers for Action this afternoon announced they were protesting over delays in negotiations over the price paid for milk used to make cheese.

Here's James Badman from Fathers for Action

Morrisons says the plan is still to introduce a new British Brand to help support farmers but the protesters aren't convinced.

You can watch footage from this evening's protest below:

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