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Avon and Somerset Police making fewer drink driving arrests

The police have been conducting roadside drug tests. Credit: ITV News

Avon and Somerset Police say their campaign against drink and drug driving is working.

It's called Operation Tonic, and in June they breathalysed almost 1,000 drivers and arrested 78 - a 12% drop from last summer.

They also used new equipment introduced this year to conduct roadside drug tests.



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The Hunting Act amendment debate - what does it mean for the West Country?

MPs will vote on Wednesday on a move to relax an important part of the ban on foxhunting.

The government's offering a free vote on increasing the number of dogs allowed to flush out a fox - which anti-hunting campaigners would say undermine the ten-year old ban.

We've been finding out how important the outcome of the vote will be for the hunting community. Duncan Sleightholme reports.

Bugles sound on in city centre in fox hunt protest

Shoppers in Exeter were transported to the countryside on Sunday as the Devon Coalition to Save the Hunting Act staged a hunt on the High Street.

The stunt comes before a Commons vote on Wednesday to amend the Hunting Act.

Campaigners dressed as hounds, a fox, a huntsman and a spade-wielding terrierman sped down the High Street, culminating with a 'kill' in Bedford Square.

Credit: Devon Coalition to Protect the Hunting Ban.

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