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Hoarder won't clear up garden despite 20 years of complaints

Neighbours have been trying to stop Michael Legg's garden hoarding for more than two decades. Credit: ITV West Country

A hoarder, whose garden is overflowing with old windows, doors and stone ornaments, has vowed to continue his reclamation business, despite complaints from his neighbours.

71-year-old Michael Legg says he'll keep salvaging and selling the material from his home in Stoke-sub-Hamdon near Yeovil until "they carry me out in a box".

Neighbours say it's an unsightly mess and they've been trying to get something done about it for decades, with a number of petitions stretching back more than 20 years. They say they are worried about the potential effect it might have on the value of their homes if they wanted to sell.

Michael Legg says he'll keep his business going no matter what. Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Legg has, in the past, been served with an enforcement notice and been ordered by the council to clear and restore his garden but that notice was quashed when he appealed against it.

"We are aware of the concerns of local residents and the Parish Council and we will continue to pursue this matter to ensure that this unsightly garden area is tidied up."

– South Somerset District Council


  1. David Woodland

Allergic woman has spent 17 years in a hut

A woman said to be allergic to the 21st Century has just spent her 17th anniversary living in an unheated and leaking hut in South Somerset. Gillian McCarthy was 41 when she retreated from the chemicals and pollutants that she says nearly killed her.

She believes her local authority should provide her with a specially built low emission house


If you're after high fashion you might head to the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London to see what's coming up next season. But there used to be one essential accessory made here in the West Country which stood the test of time for centuries.

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Residents: 'There has to be a limit to growth'

Residents are unhappy at plans to build thousands of homes in and around Yeovil. Residents opposed to the plans filled a council meeting today to try and get the proposals scrapped.

David Cloke, who lives in East Coker, say there is little support for the plans that could see homes built in the historic village.

Discussions by South Somerset District Council could go into tomorrow before a decision is reached.

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