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The South West commemorates D-Day today

Troops disembark from a landing craft during the D-Day invasion of France Credit: War/Topham Picturepoint

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. And across the West Country a number of events are planned to commemorate the occasion. The South West recently played host to a visit from the Millin bagpipes for a D-Day relay


James Cracknell misses chance to become an MEP

James Cracknell was the third candidate for the Conservatives Credit: ITV News West Country

James Cracknell has missed the chance to become an MEP for the South West.

The former Olympic rower was the Conservatives third candidate in the region. The party won two seats in the South West, with UKIP holding two, and Labour and the Green Party both picking up a seat.


Sir Graham Watson blames 'difficult emergence from recession' for defeat

Sir Graham Watson has blamed the difficult period after the recession for the Lib Dem's poor showing at the European Elections.

He lost his seat, with UKIP holding two seats, and the Green Party gaining their first ever in the South West. It's the end of a 20 year spell as an MEP for the 58 year old.

The Liberal Democrats now have no seats in the South West at the European Parliament.

BT to recruit 200 engineers across South West

BT to recruit 200 engineers across South West Credit: ITV News West Country

BT have announced plans to recuit up to two hundred engineers across the south west. It's all part of the companies roll out of high speed broadband across the region and says it's hoping many of the roles could be filled by women and former service personnel

Poll says 26% of region would consider fostering

26% of people in south west would consider fostering Credit: ITV News West Country

People in the South west are among the most likely in England to consider becoming a foster parent. That's according to a new poll by The Fostering Network. The charity says 26 percent of adults would contemplate becoming carers - two percent more than the UK average.

The survey also found that 75 per cent of residents in the South West's residents felt positive about foster carers and their role.

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