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Voters approve ban on second homes

The Cornish seaside town of St. Ives has voted to stop the building of second homes.

A referendum for the 12,000 residents of St Ives was held after a surge in holiday homes in the Cornish town and a shortage of affordable housing.

The referendum for the residents of St Ives was held after a surge in second homes in the town. Credit: ITV West Country

It's been nicknamed Kensington-on-Sea because of the number of rich holidaymakers who own houses there - but now of St Ives has spoken out on the number of holiday homes in the town.

More than 80% of voters backed the ban.


  • Turnout was 42.7%
  • Yes votes 3,075 (83.2%)
  • No votes 616 (16.7%)


Burst water pipe affects St Ives

South West Water has said customers may experience low pressure or discolouration this morning, due to a burst water pipe in St Ives.

Although teams worked overnight to fix the leak the company has warned the pressure will take a while to return to normal.

Those affected are advised to run the cold tap in the kitchen until the water runs clear.

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