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West Country man's mercy mission to Syria

A man from the West Country is preparing to drive to Syria for the fourth time, to do all he can to help the people of the war torn Country.

Ousama Fadel and his small team of volunteers spent Monday morning filling up an old NHS ambulance that he had bought for his mercy missions to the Middle East.

Mr Fadel was born in Syria but has lived in the West Country for the last 25 years.

He said among the load are gas masks in anticipation of another potential chemical attack:


MP '90%' likely to support Government response

Neil Parish. Credit: ITV News West Country

The Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton Neil Parish said he will listen to the debate and is 90 percent likely to support the Government's response to claims that the Syrian regime used poison gas on its people.

Mr Parish said; "We are not putting in any ground forces and the bombing is restricted to Military chemical weapons. I am not filled with enthusiasm but I agree that action is needed because of Assad's use of Chemical weapons."

Heart of flags to support charity in Syria

The installation is to promote Oxfam's work in Syria where the charity is providing water and sanitation facilities to thousands of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

One little red flag can't achieve much on its own, but collectively they can make something amazing and beautiful. All of the hard work and months spent planning the installation have proved worthwhile because now we can see the final installation it does look absolutely beautiful and we hope people will be inspired to sponsor and donate to the appeal [Oxfam's Love Syria campaign].

– Caroline Cleave
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