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Teignmouth seafront sealed off after waves smash huge hole

Part of Teignmouth's seafront remains sealed off after a giant hole appeared during the recent storms.

The hole was over 15ft Credit: ITV News

A break in the sea wall allowed tonnes of material to be sucked out from under the promenade.

Emergency repairs are underway Credit: ITV News

The District Council has praised the swift action of the Environment Agency and the contractors who are refilling the affected area with concrete.

Dave Matthews of Teignbridge District Council describes the immense power at the heart of the storm:

Future of Devon bats to be decided at High Court

Future of Devon bats to be decided at High Court Credit: PA: Klaus Bogon

Devon Wildlife Trust is taking High Court action over a council decision to build houses on a site where rare bats breed.

Teignbridge District Council approved plans for 230 houses to be built 170 metres from land where greater horseshoe bats congregate to give birth and raise their young.

The case is due to be heard at Bristol later today.


Woman told to repaint house because it's too pink

Local council told the couple the house is too pink and should be repainted Credit: ITV Westcountry

A woman in Devon has been told her house could be too pink.

Ann Kennedy from Kennford near Exeter has been threatened with legal action by Teignbridge District Council after repainting her home 2 years ago.

She says the colour was matched to the same pink that had been used for at least 15 years.