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Army reservists' final mission in Cyprus

In the third of our special series from Cyprus, we follow South West based reservists on their final mission.

The troops had little sleep during two weeks of tough training in the searing sun, but have they managed to prove to the full-time soldiers that they are more than just weekend warriors? Francesca Carpenter reports:


The Territorials prepare for a night-time mission

For the first time, members of the TA based in the West, now known as Army reserves, have been issued with the same night-time spying kit as regular soldiers.

The equipment's worth millions of pounds. It's part of the government's plan to bring reservists up to speed with their full time counterparts.

In the second of our special reports from Cyprus, Francesca Carpenter joins 6 Rifles and regular soldiers from Gloucester as they gear up for a night time mission.

We join territorials on exercise in Cyprus

Now, hundreds of Army reservists from the Westcountry are playing a more crucial role than ever on the frontline - as cutbacks by the MoD mean they're increasingly deployed to trouble spots around the globe.

In the first of a special series from Cyprus on the role of our Armed Forces, Francesca Carpenter has joined reservists from 6 Rifles, which are based in Exeter, on a training exercise.


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