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Gardening at 100 feet

Taller trees have to be trimmed to stop them growing through the roof

Gardeners at the Eden Project in Cornwall face many challenges at work, perhaps none so troublesome as the Devil Tree.

One of the oldest and tallest trees at the Eden Project, the Devil Tree (proper name Alstonia scholaris) more than lives up to its name. Not only are the seeds and roots poisonous, but gardeners hoping to trim it have to do so while dangling 100 feet above the ground.

Known as “sky monkeys”, these gardeners are trained to use chainsaws while abseiling beneath the giant roof of the Rainforest biome.

See them in action:

Sky monkeys at work

Pieces from the trunk are cut off and lowered to the ground by rope to prevent any damage to other plants.

The Devil Tree is native to Australia, and can be used to make chewing gum, paper and medicine.