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The number of choughs in Cornwall is rising

The number of choughs in Cornwall is rising Credit: ITV News West Country

The arrival of three Chough chicks on The Lizard has delighted conservationists. It means the future is looking bright for Cornwall's iconic bird which had become extinct in the 1970s.

A targeted campaign to bring the chough back to the county now means there are thirty seven of the birds at various sites in Cornwall.


Two rescued from yacht off The Lizard

Two rescued from yacht off The Lizard Credit: ITV News West Country

The RNLI have released footage of a crewman rescuing two people off Lizard Point this weekend. The crewman seen here came to help them after they'd suffered rigging damage in 40 miles per winds. The boat was towed to Falmouth nearly five and half hours later.

Sinking vessel salvaged from off The Lizard

Work is being done to salvage a cargo vessel that was sinking off The Lizard this morning. Five crew members were brought into Falmouth after efforts to pump water from the vessel failed.

"We received the mayday broadcast from the 'Sea Breeze' at 7.00 am and were able to get lifeboats and the helicopter on scene quickly, along with other vessels that were in the vicinity. The lifeboats and helicopter pumped water off the cargo vessel, whilst HMS Tyne was on its way with commercial pumps. "

"However, unfortunately, the smaller pumps could not keep up with the ingress of water and the crew had to abandon ship at 8.40 am. Five of the crew are now safely ashore. A couple of them have minor injuries. The captain has remained on scene on board HMS Tyne to help with the salvage operation."

– Alex Greig, Falmouth Coastguard Watch Manager

You can see footage from the rescue here


Sea King called to rescue cow in Cornwall

The cow was rescued after falling 100 feet from a cliff at the Lizard, Cornwall. Credit: RNAS Culdrose

A calf has been rescued after it fell a hundred feet over a cliff during a landslip at Lizard in Cornwall.

A rescue team from Culdrose used a helicopter to reach the animal who was stranded in a cover for five days.

A local farmer had dropped food over the cliff to keep it alive. It was returned sae and well to its herd by the Sea King helipcoter.

Farmers find their feet on The Lizard

The Amiss family took over Britain's most southerly mainland farm in September Credit: ITV News West Country

New tenants are settling in at mainland Britain's most southerly farm. The Amiss family took over the farm on The Lizard in September. They've agreed to run the farm on a 20 year lease from the landowners, The National Trust.

Five rescued after boat sank off the Lizard

Five people have been rescued after their boat sank in stormy conditions off the Cornish coast. The RNLI and RNAS Culdrose search and rescue helicopter helped to rescue the crew from the sinking French fishing vessel off the Lizard around 1am this morning.

Two tankers also helped to shelter the boat while waiting for rescue.

"With stormy conditions out to sea, we needed to act quickly to help these five crew members try to stop the water coming into their boat. Unfortunately, the pumps could not cope and they had to get into their life craft. From there they were winched to safety. "Luckily none of the five were hurt or showing signs of hypothermia as they were all wearing survival suits. This undoubtedly aided their survival in what have been tricky conditions tonight."

– Jon Wood, Watch Officer at Falmouth Coastguard
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