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  1. Robert Murphy

Report: Woodlands under threat from disease

England may be known as a green and pleasant land - but our woodland has been under threat in recent years from bugs and diseases which have been killing our trees. And according to people at a forestry conference held in the region, there could be more bad news to come.

More than 100,000 ash trees were destroyed last year in an attempt to stop the spread of Ash dieback. But now larch, pine and even oak trees may be affected by different problems.

Police say cyclist could hold vital clues to Tiverton fire

Police would like to speak to this man. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Police in Devon are appealing for a male cyclist who may hold vital clues to a house fire in Tiverton.

Officers say he cycled past the fire in Magnolia Court before emergency services arrived, possibly more than once, and may hold vital information.

The fire started around 4pm on Tuesday and caused extensive damage to four properties.

Police and Fire investigators say it is being treated as suspicious.

A 30 year old local man was arrested in connection with the incident and released on police bail until September.


Man arrested after fire damages four homes in Tiverton

Four homes in Magnolia Court in Tiverton were damaged by fire.

Police and the fire service have launched a joint investigation following a fire which damaged four homes in Devon.

The fire, which is being treated as suspicious, broke out at Magnolia Court in Tiverton at around 4pm yesterday, and spread to neighbouring properties. No-one was injured.

A 30-year-old local man was arrested in connection with the incident and was later released on bail until 25 September.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Police on 101, quoting reference KT/13/1196. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or report online at

Fire damages five homes in Tiverton

Five homes in Magnolia Court in Tiverton have been damaged by fire.

Five homes in Tiverton have been damaged in a large fire this afternoon - one of them almost totally destroyed.

The blaze at Magnolia Court is thought to have started in a garden but it quickly spread because of the breeze.

At it's height 7 fire engines were there - no one was hurt.

High hopes for Tiverton Balloon Festival

The Tiverton Balloon festival starts today Credit: Hugh Rooney / Eye Ubiquitous

Today sees the start of the Tiverton Balloon Festival.

The three day event takes place on the Petroc College and Tiverton High School campus. This year it includes a music festival, with over 35 bands and a comedy stage on the Friday night.

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  1. Bob Cruwys

Full report: Saving our country pubs

Pubs can be crucial to community life but over the past few years, as people have changed their habits and are spending less on going out, many have shut.

But now, more community pubs have started opening, where locals have clubbed together to buy their local and save it from closure.

Repairs to Grand Western Canal start today

Grand Western Canal - this section has been dry since the breach Credit: ITV News West Country

Repair work starts today on the Grand Western Canal near Tiverton, with a turf cutting ceremony to mark the beginning of the 6 month project.

Part of the canal wall collapsed during torrential rain last November. Twenty homes had to be evacuated, and thousands of fish spilled into the fields.

The repairs are expected to cost around three million pounds and Devon Council wants to finish them in time for the canal's two hundredth anniversary next year.

This section of the canal has remained open Credit: ITV News West Country

More than 15 cases of Ash Dieback in the West Country

Woodland owners are being urged not to panic this evening as a disease that has badly affected Ash trees across Europe, has now spread to the West Country.

There have been more than 15 cases of Ash Dieback identified here, but this is the first time an infected tree from a nursery has passed it on to an existing ash tree.

Efforts are now being made to try to stop the infection spreading further.

Seth Conway reports:

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