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What's Tom Daley's perfect pancake?

Credit: Tom Daley

With hundreds of us gathering our ingredients and prepping our pancakes, local athlete Tom Daley has been cooking up a storm of batter in the kitchen.

He's been documenting his pancake-making day - but can you beat his staple sweet pancake of chocolate and strawberries?

Tom Daley's pancake this Shrove Tuesday. Credit: Tom Daley

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Find out how Tom Daley cooks breakfast

This picture of Tom Daley cooking breakfast in a segmented pan has clocked up 47,000 hits on Instagram Credit: Tom Daley

Plymouth diver Tom Daley has created a lot of interest by posting a picture on Instagram of him cooking.

The image shows the Olympic bronze medallist frying a full English breakfast in a specially segmented frying pan.

It's clocked up more than 47,000 likes with some fans wanting to get their hands on the gadget. Tom's fiance, Dustin Lance Black, has posted his own picture showing him about to tuck into the finished result.

As Tom's fiance says, "Just add HP sauce" Credit: Dustin Lance Black

Tom Daley wins his first World Championship medal in six years

Plymouth's Tom Daley has won a bronze medal in the 10 metre platform final at World Diving Championships in Russia.

Daley qualified third for this evening's final, high on confidence after winning gold in the mixed team event on Thursday. It's the first medal Daley has won since his, and at the time Britain's only-ever, individual diving World Championship gold medal in 2009, when he was just 15.

Since then his other major success was a bronze at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The medal shows he is on course to compete in Rio next year.

Plymouth's Tom Daley wins team gold in Russia

Tom Daley is a world champion again. Credit: John Walton/PA Wire

Plymouth diver Tom Daley has scooped a gold medal in the team event at the World Aquatics Championships.

He was competing alongside fellow British diver Rebecca Gallantree in Russia.

Daley's fourth dive scored a near perfect ten with most of the judges.

It's the first time Britain have claimed two medals at a World diving championship event.

Tom Daley dives in to help sharks

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, there really is a person under there - and yes, it really is Tom Daley!

The Plymouth diving champ transformed himself into the ocean predator ahead of Shark Week at the beginning of August. The striking piece of body art took two specialists four hours to complete, and runs the full length of his body. The Olympic diver’s five-foot-nine frame was covered from head to toe in a water-based paint, with the design created by British body painting artist, Emma Fay.

I’ve always been really fascinated by sharks. They’re incredible marine animals, but not always in the news for the right reasons.

Sharks play a vital role to the health of the ocean. They keep fish populations balanced and protect habitats. Without sharks, the health of the ocean ecosystem would completely change.

– Tom Daley

Tom created a video documenting his whole day.

The athlete teamed up with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to create the shark along the full length of his body.

Sharks’ greatest threats come from humans. Millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins and as commercial fishing bycatch. Ocean pollution and a decrease in food supply also are threatening many species of sharks.

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