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REPORT: Police say missing teenager jumped from a ferry 'for a bet'

Police searching for a missing 16-year-old boy last seen leaping from a ferry, say he may have jumped overboard for a bet.

But they still haven't ruled out finding Jordan Cobb alive, ten days after he jumped into the Tamar from the Torpoint Ferry. One line of inquiry is that he could have made it ashore and be in hiding. Jeff Welch reports.

Police: Jordan gave bag to friend before jumping from ferry

We know that there was a discussion between the group about something - we're still waiting for some people to come forward and clarify what went on - but we understand that for some reason Jordan has given his bag to a friend, he's jumped up on to the front of the ferry and then jumped into the water.

There is information in the public domain that suggests this is all a prank, that someone within Jordan's group has engaged with them in relation to a bet.

We do understand that the figure of about £100 has been discussed, but that hasn't been confirmed. That's one line of inquiry that we're keeping an open mind on.

– Detective Inspector Nick West, Devon and Cornwall Police


Police believe missing Jordan jumped from ferry for £100 bet

Police searching for a missing boy last seen leaping from a ferry believe he may have jumped into the icy waters over a £100 bet.

Jordan Cobb, 16, was intending to take part in a New Year's Eve street party in Torpoint, Cornwall, after catching the ferry from Plymouth in Devon.

But the alarm was raised shortly after 9pm when Jordan disappeared beneath the surface of the River Tamar, around 70 yards from the shore.

Police say they are still trying to track a handful of people who are believed to have been with Jordan in the moments leading up to his disappearance.

They have been scanning social media and speaking to other witnesses, and say they believe the incident may be a "prank gone wrong".

Police continue search for missing Jordan

Jordan Cobb has been missing since New Year's Eve Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

A major search has been planned for tomorrow as the hunt for missing teenager Jordan Cobb continues. The 16-year-old, from Plymouth, went missing on New Year's Eve after being seen to jump from the Torpoint ferry.

Police will work with the coastguard in rib type boats, checking the shoreline areas.


River searches continue for missing teenager

Jordan Cobb. Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

Further searches are taking place in the River Tamar for a missing teenager who's thought to have drowned on New Year's Eve.

16-year-old Jordan Cobb was travelling to a party in Cornwall with friends when he jumped off the Torpoint Ferry just a few metres from shore.

Around 50 people took part in a co-ordinated search yesterday morning and a helicopter from RNAS Culdrose was called in yesterday afternoon to search the St John's Lake area.

Search continues for missing Jordan

Jordan Cobb was last seen jumping from the Torpoint Ferry at 9.15pm on New Year's Eve Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

Police say around 50 people will be taking part in a co-ordinated search for missing teenager Jordan Cobb this morning.

Staff from the coastguard, Devon & Cornwall Police and Ministry of Defence Police will be scouring both sides of the River Tamar and the dockyard.

They're asking people to stay away from the foreshore and not to go out in boats, as they say it's not safe and will hamper the investigation.

The Devon search will go as far as the citadel, with the MOD searching the dockyard. On the Cornish side it will go from Mt Edgecumbe to Millbrook, including the St John’s and HMS Raleigh areas.

Friends of missing teenager join search

Police are continuing to search the shoreline for a teenager who was seen jumping off the Torpoint Ferry on New Year's Eve.

Jordan Cobb, who's 16, went missing just after 9pm. Coastguards have called off their search after spending much of yesterday searching the River Tamar. But they're not ruling out the possibility that he managed to swim ashore.

Some of Jordan's friends have also joined in the search today.

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