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Two mothers discuss party invoice row on Facebook

A five-year-old boy was given an invoice and his parents threatened with court action after he missed a friend's birthday party.

Now the full Facebook conversation about the issue has emerged between the boy's mum Tanya and the birthday boy's mum Julie.

Hi Julie. This is Alex's mum. I don't know what has happened between you and my partner, Derek. I was very shocked to see the invoice in Alex's school bag. I did not realise that you had to pay for each child, as you never mentioned anything about money when we spoke. The only reason Alex did not attend the party was because his nan and grandad were going away for christmas and the only day the kids could go see them was on the same day as the party. I did not know this. On the day Alex decided that he wanted to spend time with his nan and grandad. I apologise for not letting you know, but I did not have a phone number or an e-mail for you to let you know the situation(I also didn't know your first name, or I would have looked you up). If I had known that I would have to pay if Alex did not go, then I would have paid you the money, no problem. I do not like fighting with people, and would prefer to settle this amicably.

– Tanya Walsh

Hi Tanya, I didn't mention the money when we spoke because it was a child's party, it doesn't matter if you have to pay per person or for a group if people agree to going, I confirmed that with all parents on the Thursday before the party that they were going as I had to pay that day, and Derek told me Alex was looking forward to it and would see us there, to me that is confirmation. My phone number was on the invitation that was sent out to Alex. I don't like fighting with people either, and was not best impressed when Derek turned up on my doorstep, and said you won't get any money out of me, rather rudely, I do admit it rattled me. This is not the first time Alex has not turned up to a party that he has been invited to, either. the amicable way round this I believe would be to pay me the money and let a lesson be learnt, I hope this is agreeable ? Julie

– Julie Lawrence

Hi Julie, who's party is Alex supposed to have gone to? I did speak to another mum about a party but she never got back to me with details, other than that I don't recall any other confirmed invites. The only reason Derek was angry was because of the fact that the envelope was put into Alex's school bag, when it has nothing to do with the school. He spoke to the headteacher about and she said that it's against school policy to do that kind of thing. Birthday invites are fine, but not personal items. Like I said before, no money was mentioned when we spoke, and I feel it would be inappropriate to pay you the money, when I don't know what it's actually paying for. Alex was very excited to go to the party. I didn't know until the day about his nan and grandad, and he decided he would rather spend the day with them. Like I said before I didn't have your number to let you know. And exactly what lesson would I be learning. I am not a child, so please do not speak to me like I am one. So, to answer your question, unfortunately no. This is not agreeable.

– Tanya Walsh

You are paying for 1 x child's party at the ski slope including snow tubing and tobogganing and lunch, to with you said Alex was attending on the Thursday

– Julie Lawrence

Just so you know, small claims court cost #60 just to start a claim. Also I'm not paying for something we didn't use.

– Tanya Walsh

It doesn't cost that much

– Julie Lawrence

It does. Also I don't think the school are very happy with you involving them in this either. I don't know why you are out for our blood and slandering us. I've told you the reasons why alex didn't go. I also told you why I couldn't call. You also don't seem to understand that I never ran away from you. I didnt hear you calling after me. I have to get to my daughter at carbeile. So if they let alex out last then I have to rush a bit because evie, my 2 year old, walks slow. So maybe that's why you thought I was rushing off. I had no reason to run to run away from you. So please do not state things as truth when you do not have all the facts. Maybe if you actually spoke to me rather than making your own mind up about what happened then none of this would be happening right now. If you had come up to us the first day back and explained about the money, then I could have explained about alex, then maybe we could have sorted something out. Instead you send an invoice.

– Tanya Walsh


Royal Marine praised for saving woman who fell from ferry

Police have praised the bravery of a Royal Marine for saving the life of a woman who fell from the Torpoint ferry.

The alarm was raised last night when the woman, who is in her 30s, went overboard.

The marine grabbed a lifebelt and dived in after her, keeping her head above water until they were rescued. She was taken to Derriford hospital to be checked over.

Pensioner missing from Torpoint since Thursday

Devon and Cornwall Police are appealing for information after a 72-year-old man went missing from St John near Torpoint, Cornwall. Graham Mitchell was last heard leaving his home in St John yesterday (Thursday 17 April) at 7:30am.

He is white, 5 feet 11", with short, dark grey hair. He is unsteady on his feet and walks with a limp. Devon and Cornwall Police would like anyone with information to contact them by dialling on 101, quoting log reference 785 17/04/14.

New generation of Sailors on display

People will be able to see the next generation of sailors in training at HMS Raleigh on Thursday.

Visitors to the base at Torpoint will also be taught firefighting and flood control techniques.

They will also be given the chance to visit the Royal Navy Submarine School to see how the navy operates beneath the waves.

Sailors from HMS Raleigh on a previous training exercise. Credit: MOD/Dave Sherfield.


How the Navy deals with a big problem

How do you keep Britain's biggest ever warship at sea when it needs refuelling and its crew need fresh food and water? The Navy and Rolls Royce have been working on a solution.

They've built a test rig at Torpoint to make sure this £25 million project works before the kit is fitted to the giant aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth. John Andrews has been to see it in action.

VIDEO: Keeping the Royal Navy fuelled

The Navy and Rolls Royce have been working together to come up with a solution to keep Britain's biggest ever warship refuelled and its crew with fresh food and water while staying out to sea.

A test rig has been set up at Torpoint to make sure the £25million project works before the kit is fitted to the giant aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth.

John Andrews has been to have a look:

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