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Measles outbreak at school in Totnes

There's been an outbreak of measles at a school in Devon.

So far there have been nine confirmed cases at the King Edward the Sixth Community College in Totnes. Three students have been admitted to hospital.

Public Health England have advised anyone under twenty-five who has not had two doses of the MMR vaccine to contact their doctor.

Three students from the school have been admitted to hospital Credit: ITV News
There have been nine confirmed cases Credit: ITV News

Firefighters tackle fire involving a rolling pin

The crews took the rolling pin outside and then ventilated the kitchen Credit: PA

Devon and Somerset Fire Service had to deal with a rolling pin on fire earlier this evening.

One engine from Totnes was called out to a property in Home Meadow at 9pm after a fire alarm went off.

It turned out to be a small fire in the kitchen involving a rolling pin. It was taken outside and the crews ventilated the home.



MP responds to Trump's call for ban on Muslims

Donald Trump Credit: PA

A West Country MP has responded in her own way to calls by the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for a ban on Muslims entering the US, in the wake of the deadly California shootings.

Mr Trump said a shutdown should remain until the US authorities "can figure out" Muslim attitudes to the US. The White House quickly responded that the comments were against US values and national security interests.

And Sarah Wollaston, who represents Totnes, tweeted this response for the UK.

Just which one is it? Council spells road three different ways

You'd forgive the postman for maybe getting confused after bungling council workers spelt a street name three different ways.

Brian Kelly was left baffled after he noticed his local authority had managed to spell Whiteley Avenue three different ways on signs it had put up.

The wrongly spelled sign number 1

The mistake was made after the old wooden signs, bearing the correct spelling, rotted away, and South Hams District Council rushed to replace them.

The brand new signs were erected in place, but to the dismay of local residents including Mr Kelly, they all bared different spellings.

After sending the council a map indicating where the dodgy signs are, Mr Kelly has now been told the signs are on a list to be replaced.

It's bizarre - you'd think the council would just be able to copy the old signs - but instead they came up with not one but two different spellings.

They told me they will be correcting the mistake - but have to wait to buy a batch of new signs - because it's cheaper.

– Brian Kelly
The wrongly spelled sign number 2

We apologise to the residents of Whiteley Avenue for this error and we are ordering new signs to rectify the problem.

– South Hams District Council spokesman
The council was able to get the sign right on one occasion
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