Totnes businesses say no to Costa

Costa have decided not to open their Coffee shop in Totnes after strong opposition from local businesses.

Devon MP "spied for Czechs"

Demands for inquiry over allegations that Raymond Mawby, deceased Totnes MP, spied for Czechs

Lee Rings

Two rings reunited after 400 years apart

Two rings created as presents for the daughters of a Totnes merchant in the seventeenth century have been reunited after 400 years apart.

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MP's Islamic veil comments cause Twitter backlash


Poor Sarah Wollaston's twitter feed has become a total car crash of bigotry, Islamophobia, historical ignorance and exceptionalism.


Sarah Wollaston, how about asking a woman who wears niqab what she thinks about her freedom? Or does her opinion does not matter?


Feel quite uncomfortable about Sarah Wollaston's comments about the #niqab today.


Sarah Wollaston's tweets on 'offensive' Islamic veils


feminists should be allowed to say that they find the #niqab deeply offensive without being accused of being bigoted or islamophobic,


The niqab should be banned within schools & colleges; how on earth do they promote equality when they collude with making women invisible?


The niqab won't be banned in the UK because too many politicians will hide behind freedom; hiding women away is a perversion of freedom

The Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston says Islamic veils are an 'intolerable subjugation of women which should not be allowed to masquerade as freedom.'

Tory MP refuses to stop government tweet attacks

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Con, Totnes), says she will not stop criticising the Government on Twitter, despite the fact that Labour have used her comments to attack Government policies. Here is a sample from her Twitter feed:


R.I.P. public health. A day of shame for this government; the only winners big tobacco, big alcohol and big undertakers


To retain any credibility on lobbying, Cameron must postpone statement on minimum pricing until we know whether CTF has big alcohol clients


Doctors are tired of being lectured on reducing avoidable early deaths by politicians who take away the public health tools to achieve it


Brains behind Transition Town Totnes awarded

Rob Hopkin's idea was born in Totnes Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The man who co-founded the Transition Towns Movement in Totnes is to be awarded for his work. Rob Hopkins developed the community-led charity that works towards a low carbon future in 2005. Today he will be named a Doctor of Science at a ceremony in Bristol Cathedral.

Get more information on Rob Hopkin's work here.

Full report: Saving our country pubs

by Bob Cruwys

Pubs can be crucial to community life but over the past few years, as people have changed their habits and are spending less on going out, many have shut.

But now, more community pubs have started opening, where locals have clubbed together to buy their local and save it from closure.

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