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Two lanes closed after M4 accident

Two lanes on the #M4 Junction 19 Eastbound exit for the #Bristol #M32 are closed following an accident.

Traffic had been temporarily stopped as the lane was blocked on the M4 exit slip road.

Three vehicles have been involved in a collision blocking lanes on the roundabout.

Delays are likely with traffic already queuing back.

YOUR VIDEOS: The M5 closure from your view

While police are working to clear the stretch of road between J23 and J24 after the top of a tanker split and kerosene spilt onto the carriageway - we've been hearing from people stuck in the gridlock.

Credit: Clayton Jane Photography

Richard Pennock took this video while stranded in the gridlock for more than 4 hours.

He saw people getting out of their cars and chatting to one another, some he spotted even exchanging numbers.

Max Bristow left his home in Cullompton at 08:30 this morning (6 January) to get on a flight back to university in America from Heathrow.

But after travelling for 30 minutes, he became stuck in traffic for over 3 hours.

Ian Le Sueur sent us these videos showing the slow moving traffic inching along the carriageways.

Delays are expected despite the reopening of the Southbound lanes.

Did you get stuck? Send your photos or videos if safe to do so, to

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