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'Sign a slate' appeal for Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral has begun a £3.2 million appeal to repair its roof. The Cathedral is asking for people to 'Sign a Slate'. Sixty thousand of them are needed to restore the roof and each one will record the donor's name. for the hundred years or more the restored roof should last. The Cathedral already has a Government grant of half a million pounds towards the project. The work is expected to take five years.

Truro Cathedral begins appeal to repair it's roof Credit: ITV News

It is people that form the heart of the cathedral and so it was very important to us to find a way for everyone to get involved and feel part of this important restoration project.

– Dean of Truro, the Very Reverend Roger Bush
People can sponsor and sign the new slates Credit: John Freddy Jones

Truro Cathedral needs millions of pounds to repair roof

An appeal has begun to raise £3.2 million to repair the roof of Truro Cathedral. Credit: Truro Cathedral

An appeal has begun to raise £3.2 million to repair the roof of Truro Cathedral.

The existing roof has been in place since 1908 - and the Dean of truro says the repair work is urgent.

The Cathedral received a £500,000 Government grant towards the project - but needs to raise the rest of the money itself.

The work will be done in three stages - the first will begin this summer.

There are already holes in the roof and so it is a priority to undertake the repairs as soon as possible in order to make the building watertight once more.

If the work is not undertaken, the holes will grow larger and more damage will occur internally.

Many people don’t realise that Truro Cathedral is a self-funded entity separate from the Diocese of Truro and is entirely reliant on donations from supporters and visitors.

As Cornwall’s only cathedral, it is vital we launch this appeal to raise the extra funds needed to preserve this special building.

– The Very Reverend Roger Bush, The Dean of Truro
Truro Cathedral needs millions of pounds to repair roof Credit: Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral is open !

Truro Cathedral Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Officials at Truro Cathedral have issued an urgent message to the public to make it clear that they are still open.

They are worried that many visitors think that the cathedral was closed following the recent fall of stone pillar during the storms. Although nearby Wilkes Walk is closed from High Cross to the Cathedral Green for public safetym the cathedral is definitely open.

Colin Reid, Cathedral Communications Officer said, “The cathedral, its shop and restaurant are all open and we’ve moved the ramp access for wheelchairs from by the shop to the front of the cathedral.

Whether you are coming for worship, a bite to eat in the restaurant or a browse in the shop, we are definitely open and waiting to welcome you to Cornwall’s cathedral.”


The painter on a mission to help other artists

The work of a man who's on a crusade to help artists in Cornwall has gone on display at Truro Cathedral. Colin Brown was appointed by the Bishop of Truro to reach out to the artistic community. He says many feel lonely and isolated.

He's set up a series of discussion groups to help them. One artist told us it's helped to turn his life round.

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