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Couple caught having sex on bus

Witnesses say the couple were clearly intoxicated

An investigation is underway in Cornwall after a couple started having sex on the top deck of a bus.

The incident happened onboard the number 18 as it left Truro on Monday evening. Passengers reportedly complained to the driver, before the couple, in their 20s, fled the scene.

Witness Jo Coleslaw said it's not something you expect to see on your way home from work:

You just don't expect to see or hear about a couple having sex on a bus in full view of everyone, especially at about 6pm in the evening.

There were elderly people on the bus and they were very, very shocked. I'd say they were in their late 20s and clearly intoxicated when they got off the bus.

– Jo Coleslaw

Bus operator First Kernow say they are aware of the incident and are investigating.



Fake Oxford University student jailed after cheating parents out of £250,000

Nicola Boardman

A woman who lied about being an Oxford University student has been jailed at Truro Crown Court for forty months.

Nicola Boardman, 34, from Truro persuaded her parents to give her £250,000 to fund a doctorate. In fact she spent the money on drugs, holidays and a lavish wedding, to which her parents weren't invited. Her parents had sold their home to fund the bogus doctorate.

On Wednesday, Boardman pleaded guilty to one count of fraud.

ShelterBox office moves to Truro

The Cornwall based disaster relief agency ShelterBox is set to operate from two sites starting this summer. The charity will become a two-centre operation, with its packing warehouse in Helston and a new HQ in Truro.

Falcon House, new home for the charity. Credit: ShelterBox

The move will be to Falcon House, on the corner of Charles Street and Calenick Street. But it may not be until June before the new building is ready to receive staff.

The aim is to transfer everyone except those who manage the Helston warehouse.

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