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Exeter researchers film rare 'Paddington' bear in Peru

Researchers film rare spectacled bear Credit: Exploration Sira

Researchers at the University of Exeter have confirmed a rare species of bear in Peru.

The children's character Paddington Bear is based on the vulnerable spectacled bear. Biologists placed secret cameras in the Sira Communal Reserve in Peru to capture the footage.

The team deployed 22 crowd funded camera traps in March 2015. The cameras stayed in place until last week when the team returned to the area to retrieve the results.

Researchers also filmed a critically endangered bird - the Sira Currasow. And documented 145 species of bird, 41 species of amphibian, 10 species of lizard and 7 species of snake, of which it is thought that two lizards and three frogs are new species, previously unknown to science.

Our new records of the Spectacled Bear highlight the Sira Communal Reserve as a stronghold for the species and demonstrates its importance at the national level.

We have fantastic videos of these charismatic bears – they were very playful with the camera traps, the footage shows them sniffing, licking and nosing the cameras.

This is much needed good news story for this threatened species; something we need to hear more of in conservation.

– Andrew Whitworth, researcher


University of Exeter in top 10 in Britain

University of Exeter in top 10 in Britain Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The University of Exeter has been put into the top 10 Best Campus Universities in Britain. The Times has moved the university up 2 spots from last year to 8th place in it's Good University Guide.

It has also been named as the 2nd best in the Southwest coming below Bath. The University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth came in 8th place in the region followed by Plymouth University and Falmouth University.

Cornwall fish can survive high contaminated waters

Trout in the River Hayle in Cornwall are able to survive in high contaminated waters Credit: PA

Trout in the River Hayle in Cornwall can survive in highly contaminated waters that would otherwise be lethal to other fish - that's according to new research from the University of Exeter and King's College London.

It's believed this is due to changes in the expression of their genes.

Exeter University to open a free school

Exeter University buildings Credit: PA

Exeter University is to open a new free school specialising in maths. The school will be jointly run with Exeter College. It is expected to open in September next year, and will cater for around 120 pupils: 16 to 19 year-olds who want to study maths.

A fifth of them will be able to board at the university between Monday and Thursday in a bid to attract youngsters from across the South West.


Study says exercise does not help prevent depression

Adding a physical activity did not have any more effect than usual care. Credit: ITV Westcountry

A new study carried out in the South West claims that physical exercise is not effective in treating depression. The research, from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, contradicts other evidence which says exercise can help treat the symptoms of depression.