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Major job losses as paper mill closes

Wansbrough Paper Mill is due to close today with the loss of 176 jobs Credit: ITV News

More than 170 people will be left jobless over Christmas with the closure of a Somerset town's biggest employer.

Staff at Wansbrough paper mill in Watchet will clock off for the last time this afternoon. It marks the end of a manufacturing tradition dating back more than 250 years.

The plant owners, DS Smith, have blamed the loss of a major contract and the need for huge investment to bring the mill up-to-date.


Dockmaster rewarded for bravery after saving baby

Sam Cooper-Stevens was rescued from Watchet harbour Credit: Family photograph

A dockmaster from West Somerset who jumped into a harbour to rescue a baby has been awarded for his bravery by the county council. 63 year old George Reeder leapt into the water to save six month old Sam Cooper-Stevens after his pushchair was blown from the quayside in Watchet in January.


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Photo of baby Sam

This is the photo of six month old Sam Cooper Stevens, who is recovering well at Musgrove Park Hospital after spending several minutes underwater when his buggy fell into Watchet marina.

He was rescued by the dockmaster and given CPR by a family friend before being flown by air ambulance to Taunton.

6 month old Sam Cooper Stevens Credit: Family photo
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Baby rescued from Watchet marina

A baby's had a miraculous escape after being rescued from the marina at Watchet in Somerset.

The six month old was pulled from 12 feet of water after his buggy rolled into the harbour.

He was rescued by dockmaster George Reeder and taken to hospital where he's described as 'comfortable'.

The wind caught the buggy and it ended up in the harbour.

I heard the commotion and jumped on the bike to cycle over. When I got there the mum was screaming and I saw the buggy floating.

I jumped in and swam over and turned the buggy over and pulled it over. I was just in the right place at the right time.

– Dockmaster George Reeder
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