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'No excuses': Council leader criticises snow school closures

Many schools in the region have reopened after heavy snowfall in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire over the weekend. Credit: PA

The leader of Swindon Borough Council has tweeted his disapproval of the schools that closed in Wiltshire this week after heavy snowfall.

David Renard said that that there were "no excuses" for closures due to staff shortages, as the roads in the town were "perfectly passable".

Around a hundred schools remain closed in Gloucestershire this Tuesday after the coldest night of the year, though more than double that were closed due to snowfall yesterday.


Poll: do you think we should opt-in or opt-out of organ donation?

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has today launched a consultation into plans for an opt-out system, reflecting presumed consent to donate one's organs after death. This follows in the steps of Wales.

Currently, in England, people have to opt-in to donate their organs, including eyes, heart and kidneys.

Hunt said families should overcome the "fatal reluctance" to talk about organ donation.

The consultation will close on 6 March.

What do you think? Let us know by answering the poll below.

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South Western Railway introduce new peak time trains

Credit: SWR

South Western Railway will be introducing longer trains and extra seats during their peak time services today, Monday 11 December until early 2018.

The rail operator says 100 additional carriages will be available, carrying up to 5,000 more passengers on its busiest routes.

The existing trains will be used for other services.

Passengers travelling on their trains are now also able to claim compensation for a journey delay of 15 minutes or more, changing from the previous 30-minute threshold.

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