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Government to receive mixed response to windfarm

The Government will receive a mixed verdict to controversial plans to build the world's second largest off-shore windfarm along the North Devon coast.

Councillors in North Devon have rejected the proposal from RWE nPower and the Crown Estate to build 240 turbines at sea.

It comes after Devon County and Torridge District Councils raised no objections for the scheme that will power 900,000 homes.


Campaigners say windfarm will 'ruin' coast

Our spectacular coastline, our heritage, a unique marine habitat, will be ruined by this as well as the onshore work and the construction of a gigantic substation at Alverdiscott. No amount of money can compensate the devastation this will cause. If Torridge District Council and North Devon Council do support the recommendations to approve this scheme, then they would be seen to be grabbing their 30 pieces of silver to sell out the coastal and maritime heritage of everybody in northern Devon."

– Penny Mills, Chair of Torridge CPRE


Planners recommend windfarm proposals

Planning councillors from Torridge District Council and North Devon Council are being recommended by their officers to raise no objection to the large offshore windfarm Atlantic Array.

Councillors will meet in Bideford on Tuesday and in Barnstaple in Wednesday to discuss the scheme.

The local authorities are only statutory consultees and have no powers to approve or prevent the development.

But opponents to the 240 turbine 1200MW windfarm say the councils should still oppose the scheme.

Atlantic Array windfarm to be discussed

County Councillors in Devon will also discuss the proposed Atlantic Array on Tuesday afternoon.

Amongst the conclusions from the Development Management Committee agenda, it states:

Devon County Council considers that the proposals will have significant adverse impacts on locally and nationally important landscapes in northern Devon (including Lundy Island) which cannot be mitigated, and that these impacts must be given full and appropriate weight in determining the application. In the absence of a commitment from the developer to locate operational and maintenance facilities in northern Devon there is no economic benefit to the local economy of northern Devon which could be offset against the visual impact of the proposal as set out above."

Campaigners set to protest at windfarm plans

Opponents to one of the world's largest offshore wind farms are to protest on Tuesday and Wednesday against the proposed scheme off the North Devon coast.

At its closest point the Atlantic Array will be 9.6 miles off the mainland and 8.3 miles from Lundy Island.

Protest group Slay the Array staged a demonstration march through Barnstaple two weeks ago but the rally ended in controversy.

Police are currently investigating after a supporter of the proposed development claims he was thrown out of the meeting and then assaulted.

Wind farm protest

The London Array: a similar scheme is planned off the Devon coast Credit: ITV News Westcountry

A protest is expected to take place outside a meeting of Torridge planners tonight as they discuss a proposed wind farm of the North Devon coast. The company RWE wants to build 240 offshore turbines 10 miles from the coast.

It would generate more than 1,000 mega-watts of electricity but some local residents say it could cause lasting damage.

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