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  1. Bob Constantine

West Country clergy dismayed at rejection of women bishops

West Country clergy have reacted with dismay to the decision by the governing body of the Church of England not to allow women bishops. One bishop told us he was depressed by the outcome, which he said made the church look foolish.

Although a majority of delegates voted for the change, it didn't receive a big enough majoirty among congregation members. Today a West Country MP raised the issue in Parliament.

Plymouth vicar: No vote 'very good news' for CofE

Rev Prebendary Rod Thomas, the chairman of the conservative evangelical grouping Reform - which recommended a no vote - concluded the General Synod's decision on women bishops is "very good news for the Church of England".

The Plymouth vicar said, "We have avoided what could have been a disastrous mistake for our unity and witness".

The defeat came in spite of a series of appeals from senior Bishops in the Church for the Synod to back final approval for the legislation.