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Last pieces of evidence to be heard in polar bear inquest

Today should be the last day that evidence will be heard at an inquest into the death of a teenager from Salisbury who was killed by a polar bear.

Horatio Chappel was on an expedition in Norway when the animal attacked him in August 2011.

The inquest has heard how the trip wire system that was meant to scare off the bears was not good enough.

The trip leader, who shot dead the polar bear, also told the inquest how his rifle failed to fire when the animal began to attack the group.


Watch the latest Westcountry at Westminster Part 1

This month our topics are the huge public sector strike, and more funding for the Somerset Level's flood defences. Also, we start looking at the run-up to next Spring's General Election.

And, following the start of the Tour de France in the UK, we discuss the impact of cycling in the West ahead of this September's Tour of Britain.

Our guests are : Charlotte Leslie, Conservative MP for Bristol North West, keen cyclist Labour's Ben Bradshaw, who's MP for Exeter and Gawain Towler, UKIP's former press manager.

Mr Towler narrowly failed to win a third seat for the party in the South West at the European elections. The West Country at Westminster is hosted by Alastair Stewart.

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