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People asked how to save Devon's libraries

People asked how to save Devon's libraries Credit: ITV News West Country

People across Devon are being asked for their ideas to save the county's library service.

It's already faced cuts of three million pounds and must now find savings of another one-and-a-half million.

Twenty eight smaller libraries will have to find new ways of working if they're to stay open.


Police stop illegal raves in Devon

Police in Devon say they've stopped two illegal raves going ahead. Members of the public alerted them to two events being set up at Woodbury Common in East Devon.

People were also turned away as a second rave was being set up at Fernworthy Reservoir near Chagford. Police seized sound equipment as part of Operation Derig which will continue over the holiday weekend.


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First church service held at Moorland since floods

First church service held at Moorland since floods Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

A service is being held in a Somerset parish church for the first time since massive floods devastated the area. Hundreds of people are expected to gather in Moorland this afternoon to mark Easter Sunday. It's around 3 months since homes were flooded and for many the clean up continues.

Woman treated for burns in Plymouth

A woman has been treated for burns after catching fire in her home in Plymouth. Fire crews were called to the property in Mount Stone Road in Stonehouse just before 4:30am.

It's believed her clothes caught fire when she leant over some candles. Her son was alerted and managed to put the fire out with water. She was taken to hospital to be treated for burns to her torso.

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