Fireworks organiser charged following M5 fatal crash

Police have charged 50 year old Geoffrey Counsell with seven counts of manslaughter following the multiple fatal crash on the M5 in November 2011.

Having considered the evidence in line with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, the CPS decided there was sufficient evidence to charge Geoffrey Counsell, the provider of the fireworks display at Taunton Rugby Club on the night of the collision, with manslaughter. The charges are due to his failings in the planning and operation of the display. It was clear from the investigation carried out by Avon and Somerset Police that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute for driver error and therefore no action will be taken against any motorists.

– Avon & Somerset Police and Crown Prosecution Service statement

Geoffrey Counsell, aged 50 and from Somerset, will appear at Bristol Magistrates' Court on Monday 12th November.

Anthony and Pamela Adams, Maggie and Michael Barton, Malcolm Beacham, Terry Brice and Kye Thomas were killed in the collision near Taunton on 4th November 2011. 51 people were injured