McCormick Signs For Truro

Truro City football club has tonight defended its decision to sign goalkeeper, Luke McCormick, who was jailed for causing the deaths of two boys while drunk at the wheel of his car.

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Truro City's administrators give statement on McCormick signing

Goalkeeper Luke McCormick who was jailed after killing two young boys while drink driving played his first professional football match since his release for Truro City on Saturday.

McCormick was sentenced to seven years in 2008 after his Range Rover collided with a car on the M6. Two of its passengers, 10 year-old Aaron Peak and his 8 year-old brother Ben, were killed. Their father Phil Peak suffered such severe injuries he's unlikely to recover fully.

Certain people may have concerns over Luke's past but his past is precisely that. Luke has served the time deemed appropriate by the judicial system and that chapter is now closed. Luke has been extremely remorseful over the cause of his jail term but as stated, the sentence has been served and there is no benefit to anyone in not allowing him to play the sport that he loves and has great ability at.

I hope that the fans of Truro City understand this decision and equally give Luke the warmest possible welcome. He is now an important member of our squad and will play a crucial part in the club's fight for survival. Truro City FC is now looking forward after a period of sever uncertainty, the club having been on its knees. We are not in a position to turn down offers of assistance and look forward to Luke playing an important role for the club.

– Kate Breese - Truro City Administrator

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