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  1. Bob Crampton

Here's the latest weather forecast

By tomorrow we'll have had a bellyful of rain. But it will clear and in the afternoon it will be completely different - it will be sunny.

So remaining overcast and mostly wet this afternoon. Still pretty breezy but the winds will drop as time goes on. Staying on the mild side at 12 or 13 degrees.

The winds die away tonight but not the rain. It tends to pep up. We'll get some heavy bursts, easing a little before dawn.

As day breaks it'll be damp and cloudy in many places still. The rain on its way out. Wiltshire, Dorset and East Gloucestershire wet for a good part of the morning though.

A completely different picture for the afternoon. Good spells of sunshine - some areas getting unbroken sun. Temperatures down a little but remaining in double figures.

However it's shortlived. A slow-moving band of rain is scheduled for Thursday. Cooler for Friday when it will be brighter with a few showers. The start of the weekend is showery again.