Rambler's lucky escape after getting sucked into bog

A rambler has been winched to safety by helicopter after he was sucked waist deep into a bog in Newquay. The walker was roaming across the Cornwall countryside when he decided to leave a footpath and cut across a field.

But weeks of heavy rain meant he soon found himself sinking into the mud.

Fire crews arrived to haul the marooned rambler to safety but the treacherous terrain made it impossible to reach him.

A rescue helicopter from Cornwall's Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose was scrambled to the scene and a crew member was painstakingly lowered down until he could attach the man to a winch.

He was hauled to safety before being taken away by paramedics.

"It was windy and bitterly cold up there. He is a very lucky man."

– Sue Penda, eyewitness

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