"Is that blood dripping from your car?" "No officer, it's cough medicine..."

It was an open and shut case for police after a woman was seen with 'blood' dripping from her car boot - until they found it was a broken bottle of cough syrup.

Grandmother-of-five Pat Major said she was shocked to be stopped by officers on suspicion of having a dead body in her car.

The 60-year-old was spotted by a bystander in an Asda car park stuffing something into her boot before driving off in a Nissan Micra. The shopper followed Mrs Major as she drove away in Newton Abbot before spotting a red liquid leaking from the boot and calling 999.

Officers were quickly dispatched to the property, but when they arrived they discovered the liquid was blackcurrant cough mixture and the blood-soaked body was squashed bags of shopping.

– Devon & Cornwall Police