Cornish Barber 'Blacklisted'

A Cornish barber says he's been placed on a council 'blacklist' for using a megaphone to warn motorists of traffic wardens.

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Barber says his warnings provide a 'public service'

The council boss said it had come to his attention that I had verbally abused two members of staff and this had caused them extreme distress under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

It's caused me to be a bit upset that someone could think I'm frightening or a bit intimidating. If I'm regarded as some sort of threat, I surely wouldn't have built up the business I have for nearly 20 years."

– Andy Blackwell, Barber

Mr Blackwell said the complaint dates back to an incident where he used his megaphone as two traffic wardens walked through the town.

I went out and did my usual siren alert, and they came running around from booking a car and started to take my photo. One of them said I was acting pathetically and like an idiot. I said that all I am doing here is having fun. I'm not being nasty.

As they walked up the road, I gave them another little announcement to warn people of traffic wardens being around. All I did was warn people of traffic wardens - a bit of a public service, you might say."

– Andy Blackwell, Barber

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