Somerset Council to spend £38 million on building projects

Somerset County Council has this afternoon announced it will be spending over £38 million on major building projects from school classrooms to fixing roads.

The plans released in papers to be discussed by a Scrutiny Committee today include £23 million to be spent on roads and bridges and £3.5 million will help provide school places across the county.

These are very ambitious projects, and in some cases urgent ones.

Not a penny of this £38 million investment will be money borrowed by the Council. All the investment will come from either our own funds, or grants from the Government and other bodies.

We will be spending more than a million pounds replacing rundown temporary classrooms, and it is vital that we give our children the best possible opportunity to learn, that means the best buildings we can provide.

– Council Leader John Osman

The £38.72 million is allocated for projects starting in the next financial year and does not include £21 million earmarked for the new Northern Inner Distributor Road for Taunton.