Drowned teen's anniversary

It is now five years since 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling from Bideford, Devon, was raped and left for dead on a beach in Goa, India. Two men are on trial for causing her death.

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Slow progress in Scarlett trial is 'no surprise'

The slow progress of the trial of two men accused of causing Scarlett Keeling's death comes as no surprise to a leading women's rights campaigner in Goa. Sabina Martins said:

Just because it was a high profile case it does not mean that justice would be faster as the primary evidence was lost because the case was not registered immediately. ... Cases for justice of women have become secondary. Now nobody even talks about the Scarlett case. At that point of time [when the trial began] there was so much hype in the media, there was so much talk in the local press, in the national media and the international media. They were referring to tourism and drugs all these issues were discussed but the issue of justice fof women remained secondary.

– Sabina Martins, women's rights campaigner in Goa, India

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