Body in burning car trial

The trial has begun of three people, charged with murder following the discovery of a body in a burnt-out car in Somerset last September.

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Anna Lagwinowicz faked letter to frame former lover

The jury was told that from her cell, Anna Lagwinowicz faked a letter pretending to be a hitman hired by Rafal Nowak. Prosecuting Richard Smith QC, said she hoped to pin the blame for Catherine Wells-Burr’s killing on her former lover and shed any blame for her and her uncle.

Below is a transcript translation from the original Polish, picking up from the moment where the ‘hitman’ meets Novak in the Somerset layby on the morning of the murder:

Novak arrived in Catherine’s car a few minutes later. He reversed in and parked by the gate. Inside he had four bottles of barbecue lighter fluid, a black sack containing a bloody duvet.

Inside (her car) was the body of Catherine Wells-Burr. Novak was very pleased that he had killed Catherine. I helped him to seat her on the driver’s seat.

– Extract from Anna Lagwinowicz's faked letter

Richard Smith QC told the jury the letter was written by Miss Lagwinowicz in her cell at Eastwood Park prison. She asked her cellmate, who was due for release, to smuggle it out and post it to the prosecuting authorities. Instead, her cellmate gave it to the police and told them who wrote it.

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