Young footballer jailed for drug dealing in Exeter

Bewnettz Nguessan Credit: Exeter Court Service

A 22-year-old footballer has been jailed after he was tempted away from the game by drug dealing in Exeter. Nguessan Bewnetthz made regular trips to Exeter over a year selling heroin and crack cocaine and was making £1,000 a week from the trade.

He and fellow dealer Robert Billam, aged 27, were jailed after they started swapping drugs for sex with desperate young female addicts.

Robert Billam Credit: Exeter Court Service

Bewnetthz is a former star player who played with the Coventry City academy but turned his back on the game and went to London where he met Billam, who recruited him to drug dealing.

The two men were both found not guilty of raping a 22-year-old heroin addict on a riverside playing field in Exeter but were jailed for drug dealing.