Shake-up for SW prisons

Seven jails in the South West could be turned into 'settlement' prisons, and would see the majority of offenders released from prisons in, or close to, the area in which they live, under plans announced by the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

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Idea of 'resettlement' prisons is a good one: Labour

The idea of resettlement prisons is a good one - prisoners being integrated back into communities where they have family and friends could lead to reduced re-offending and fewer victims of crime.

However, this is another example of reality being very different from rhetoric.

These plans amounts to a substantial reorganisation of our prisons system, and it's not clear how it will be funded

Labour has consistently said that extending support for prisoners on sentences of less than 12 months is to be welcomed in theory.

But, in practice, it is another uncosted proposal from Chris Grayling.

An additional 50,000 offenders requiring support for skills, drug and alcohol dependency, behavioural problems, housing and jobs does not come out of fresh air.

– Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Justice Secretary.

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