Cut price for cliff-top house

A cliff-top house in Torquay is up for auction for just £25,000. The price is so low because there's a major risk of subsidence

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Auctioneer: Cliff-top cottage buyer has taken a big risk

As a luxury house in Torquay is sold for a fraction of its worth because of its precarious position on a rapidly eroding cliff, the auctioneer says the buyer has taken quite a risk.

The property's enviable sea views does mean it's relatively close to the cliff edge and other neighbouring properties have experienced substantial subsidence.It’s impossible to say whether Tor Cottage will be subjected to subsidence itself. A buyer could get a return on their investment if Mother Nature is kind to them.

– Graham Penny, Auctioneer

Tor Cottage was sold for £33,500 (including fees) today. Normally it would be worth around £400,000 if it was not for the erosion. The house next door has already collapsed into the sea.

There is an order in place preventing buyers from staying overnight until they can prove it's safe.

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