Steam rollers break record at Dorset Steam Fair

Steam rollers breaking the record. Credit: Great Dorset Steam Fair

The world record for the greatest number of steam rollers in a formation over a set course was broken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair yesterday (Saturday 31 August), exactly 10 years after the previous record.

The rollers in action. Over 200,000 attend the fair each year. Credit: Great Dorset Steam Fair

102 steam rollers took part in the world record attempt as part of the GDSF 2013 Roller Special, on a brand new road created in the road-making section at the event. This smashed the previous record of 32 from 31 August 2003, which was also held at the fair, near Tarrant Hinton.

Each Dorset Steam Fair gets through 200 tonnes of coal. Credit: Great Dorset Steam Fair

The attempt featured a unique range of steam, petrol and diesel rollers representing the history of road rolling. As well as examples from the more common manufacturers, there were also those on show from the rarer makes of roller, with some having travelled from abroad.