Two surfers rescued from rip current

RNLI lifebuards rescue two surfers at Booby's Bay Credit: RNLI

Two surfers who were caught in a rip current on Booby's Bay have been rescued by the RNLI's Inshore Rescue Boat.

Leon Bennett, RNLI lifeguard supervisor said:

‘The whole of the north coast has been enjoying some great surf conditions over the last couple of days. Yesterday it was about 4 to 5 foot at Booby’s, but the rip currents were horrendous and coupled with really strong offshore winds it was hard going.

The pair just got caught out by the conditions and found themselves exhausted after trying to paddle against the rips. Thankfully they kept hold of their surf boards and Vinnie and Joe were able to pick them up, one after the other, with their boards and take them back into shore.’

Neither of the surfers, who were local, was injured.