Baby Giraffe born at Noah's Ark

Genny went into labour yesterday Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

Visitors to a zoo farm near Bristol were caught by surprise - when a giraffe started to give birth right in front of them.

Giraffe keeper Emma Green was explaining that Genny the giraffe was due to give birth in the next two days at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

But just as Ms Green was answering a question, Genny's waters broke and two little hoofs began to appear.

Six-year-old Genny was ushered safely to her own straw-filled section away from visitors as soon as the birth began.

And after a labour lasting two hours and 20 minutes, she became the mother of a calf, whose name and gender have yet to be disclosed.

Ms Green said: "Both mum and baby are doing really well. Genny is a very natural mum."

This is Genny's second calf with 10-year-old Gerald. Their first, George, was born in 2012 and he celebrated his second birthday two weeks ago.

Genny gave birth in a 'private suite' away from visitors Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
Her calf was born at 4:22pm Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm
Giraffe's are pregnant for 15 months Credit: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

The baby’s gender and name will be announced in the next few days.