One in ten families are struggling with debt

More than 160,000 children across the west country are living in families with debt problems. New research out today shows more than 1 in 10 families in the region are failing to keep up with household bills and loan repayments.

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Your views on family debt

We asked you for your comments on reports that many families are struggling to cope with rising levels of debt. Here are some of the views posted on our Facebook page.

"It started with struggling to buy treats days out new clothes etc. Now its struggling to pay the bills and rent each week. Being a working single mum aint all its cracked up to be. Times are tough" - Miranda Heath

"I found it difficult to begin with but with clever management i have been able to treat myself and daughter weekly. I keep a bill account and a shopping account. The bill account gets topped up weekly. I too am also a working single mum. (currently on maternity)." - Claire Louise

"A third of families borrow to buy essentials for children, the other 2 thirds sponge off the state" - Nigel Topp

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